9 Wonderful Things to Know About Me !!!

9 – I Am An Island Gal


I was born on the beautiful island of Barbados where cou-cou and flying fish is our national dish and going to the beach on Sunday mornings was a childhood past-time I miss so much.

8 – I Love My Mom

I love mom for teaching me to think for myself and showing me how to trust in my skills and abilities.  To this day, she still thinks I know the answer to every question she asks – sometimes I do and sometimes research is necessary.

7 – I Love My Husband And My Princess


I love my husband for modeling to me the powerful way to show up in my life and fight for my rights with the mighty pen and words.  I love my princess for allowing me to experience the role of mother and teacher in a huge way as I support her growth to become who she has been created to be in this time and space.

6 – I Am An Army Gal


I spent 8 years in the US Army reserves. One year of that was on active duty to be trained as a Medic and an Occupational Therapy Specialist.  This was my introduction to Hand Therapy, which I love, love, love, and wellness at the Brooke Army Medical Hospital at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas.  I, subsequently, was also trained at a Practical Nurse.

5 – I Love Nature

I love being outside surrounded greenery and all the sounds of nature like birds, insects, water and wind.  It makes me feel so alive.

4 – I Love To Prepare Healthy Meals With And For My Family


It is truly blissful to see your child enjoy healthy foods that are prepared with love.  [side note: she was nourished with breastmilk and supplemented with homemade formula until she started eating solids.  Look at what nutrient dense food can do]

3 – I Love And Respect The Power Of Herbs


As a child I was diagnosed with asthma.  It was a roller coaster of asthma inhalers, cough syrups, doctor’s visits and ER visits for respiratory treatments.  When I was 14, my mother connected with an herbalist who recommended the herb Asafetida.  After consuming this preparation, I experienced my worst and last asthma attack.  Now as a professional herbalist, I continue to see the wonderful work of the herbs with me, my family and clients.

2 – I Enjoy Helping Others Feel Better

When I was 10 years old, I got first hand experience at what it was like to help another person feel better.  My cousin was involved in an accident.  She was riding a bicycle and a driver did not see her in time and he hit her with his car.  She experience a broken arm and leg and was bed bound.  Her mother helped her with her baths and I helped with setting her up for her meals, positioning her with pillows for comfort and scratched her itches.  At that young age, it made me feel good that what I was doing kept her comfortable and helped with relieving her pain.  Now I enjoy helping women to Flow Painlessly Every Month and Nourish Their Fertile Womb Lifestyles as I continue to do the same for myself …

1 – I Believe In Prayer And Manifestation

I believe that prayer helps us to bring forth those things we see in our mind and feel in our spirit into a physical manifestation.  My life has taken many turns. At one particular stage, I was not happy in my relationship at the time and after I ended it, I stayed to myself, went into a year of consecration and refocused with the goal of coming out on the other side better and ready to do things different to get different results.  One important part of my process, was praying specifically for what I wanted my new mate to be like and the need for him to accept me authentically and what I was bringing to the table without gimmicks or drama.  Because I prayed and believed I would receive what I prayed for, I did not have to second guess when my husband showed up in my life.  It has been since 2009 and we are still growing strong.

I can support you on your healthy womb journey by answering your questions and helping you to create your natural blueprint through food and herbs. Invest in yourself and schedule your Healthy Womb Clarity Session.

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