You just don’t know if you can stand to look at another sweet, precious baby or another woman walking out her destiny in this world while wondering to yourself, “Why not me? When will it be my time?”

You’ve been struggling really hard month after month with the cycle and fertility challenges that are standing in the way of you starting a family of your own or living your dreams unapologetically.

And even though you’ve spent more time and more energy than you ever thought possible trying to figure out what to do about your desire to reverse your condition, it still seems that most of the options that mainstream medicine has to offer are not only overwhelming, but actually a little bit scary and you are tired of going in circles to find what works for your body.

If you’ve ever felt a desire deep down in your soul to naturally reverse your fertility challenges, get your physical well being on point, and start your own family or create the life you were meant to live then THIS is the place for you.

Whether you’re someone who has struggled with infertility for some time now, someone who has recently tried to get pregnant unsuccessfully, or simply someone who believes in the importance of preparing your womb to have a happy healthy conception, I’ve got the master key to help you to holistically prepare for pregnancy.

I work with women who are ready to tap into their inner wisdom and personal values as they journey into the role of taking care of themselves in preparation for motherhood.


I’m Cathyann Ellison, and I’m a Fertility Health & Wellness Coach

I hold space for women just like you to create the physical, spiritual, and emotional environment that allows you to holistically prepare for pregnancy and reclaim ownership of your life.

I’m committed to helping women bring harmony and balance to their wombs in preparation to give birth to babies and dreams. I’ve not only helped women prepare their bodies naturally, I’ve spent more than two decades sharpening my medical and wellness skills, including a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy and certificates in:

  • Integrative Nutrition
  • Raw Food Chef
  • Professional Herbalism
  • Practical Nursing
  • Colon Hydrotherapy
  • CranioSacral Therapy
  • Yoni (Vaginal) Steaming

When you and I join forces, you will happily walk away with:

  • A lighter feeling from the release of spiritual and physical blockages from your womb (uterus).
  • More ease and less stress due to a healthy, pain-free, and consistent monthly flow.
  • The increased ability for your body to conceive in a healthy and natural way.
  • Power deep into your soul as you become number one in your life

As a Fertility Health & Wellness Coach, what I know for sure is that:

You CAN conceive. Years ago I was told by my doctor that I had enlarged ovaries, that I would never be able to have children, and that I would ultimately go into early menopause. I was involved in a 9 year relationship and I never got pregnant. It was not until I decided to end that relationship and start focusing on my own well being that things began to dramatically shift. I made intense changes to my diet as well as my spiritual lifestyle which made me feel amazing and fall deeply in love with myself. I now have a beautiful daughter and my husband and I are connected on a very deep emotional and spiritual level. One of my biggest joys in life is showing women how to tune into their bodies, listen to their inner guidance, and bring harmony and balance to their wombs like I did.

Your monthly flow CAN be pain-free. I know from personal experience that you don’t have to suffer every month or feel like the only answer is toxic medical interventions. I thrive on helping women achieve painless monthly cycles through natural and holistic solutions. I intend to make history by helping women to bring balance to their wombs and Say BYE To Painful Menstruation Naturally and holistically prepare their bodies for pregnancy. I know that fertile wombs that flow with ease are an amazing seat of creativity and power. Through my gentle, loving, firm support, I can help you remove your womb blockages for a more peaceful monthly cycle, so you can walk more powerfully in your earthly purpose.

Love rules. We must love ourselves throughout this and any challenging process, no matter what the root causes of our imbalances may be. We must always be gentle and patient with ourselves throughout our wellness journey. I believe that we can approach our body with genuine compassion and an understanding that it is made up of conscious cells that experience emotions in their own way. I am a true believer that we can build trust by engaging our bodies in positive mental conversations about our desire to cooperate and overcome any ailment we may have. Love is the essence of who we are, and love is what will ultimately support us to return home to a body that is healed and whole.

You’re ready to change your path and live your dream of starting a family or living the life you know you are meant to live.

And I’m here to show you the way.

I can support you further through a clarity session.

My Healing Philosophy

We heal when we decide we are ready to heal
We must listen to and follow our inner knowing for our healing
We must always be gentle and patient with ourselves throughout our wellness journey
We must tune in and listen to our bodies
Our bodies thrive on healing spiritual food and physical food.

Professional Bio

Cathyann is a wellness practitioner and published author who provides transformational coaching to women who long to experience what it feels like to flow painlessly every month and holistically prepare their bodies for pregnancy so they can create and nourish a Fertile Womb Lifestyle they love and enjoy.  Her special focus is supporting women who have been diagnosed with infertility or feel stuck in their lives/careers and supporting couples with how to holistically prepare for conception naturally.

Cathyann has over 24 years in the medical and wellness arena as she holds a Masters Degree of Occupational Therapy and certificates in Integrative Nutrition, Practical Nursing, Colon Hydrotherapy, CranioSacral Therapy, Professional Herbalism and Yoni (Vaginal) Steaming.

She was inspired to help other women and couples after doing the work herself to balance her hormones thereby creating a Fertile Womb Lifestyle after she was told that she’d never have children and early menopause would be her fate.  She has subsequently experienced the loss of pregnancy since giving birth to her daughter at a beautiful home water birth in 2011.  She continues to do the work to stay balanced in life because as we all know, the only constant in life is change.  The way that we respond to the change makes the biggest difference.

Cathyann now supports women with bringing balance to their wombs and lives through her gentle and firm coaching approach and wonderful healing services.

Cathyann and her husband enjoy preparing healthy meals together with their daughter who was born in September of 2011 at a beautiful home water birth.