Don’t Let Your Strawberries Get Moldy

My daughter loves strawberries.  She was at the store with my husband and asked him to purchase some for her so he bought 2 container of strawberries for her to eat as snacks and add to her smoothies.

The next day we were driving home and he made a comment about eating strawberries and I told him that one container was already gone because our daughter already had me make her a smoothie, she ate some with her veggie sandwich and she ate some as a snack with smoked gouda cheese.

His response, “What? I was waiting until I was ready to eat them and they are almost gone?”

My response, “You cannot treat fresh food like you treat packaged food.  It will not wait around for you to get to it, it will go moldy and be wasted.  You have to shift you mindset around the way you approach fresh food.”

Changing my mindset around my approach to healthy eating was very important in 2005 when I got back on track with my health to prepare my body to conceive naturally. I took on the approach to crowd out those things that did not support my health journey by replacing with healthier versions.  For example, I switched white flour for whole wheat but now I use teff or spelt because they are more alkaline.  I also switched from vegetable oil to coconut oil  and started using natural body products to reduce my exposure to toxic chemicals and balance my estrogen just to mention a few.

Now my question to you is … “Are you letting your strawberries get moldy?”  “What positive changes have you made in your health or life for the better that you still treat with your old mindset?”

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