From My Birth Story To My Daughter’s Birth Story

My Birth Story

My mom gave birth to me 5 days after her 15th birthday and I always tell her that I am her best birthday gift.

She also shared with me that when she first experienced her menstrual flow at 14 years old, my grandmother never educated her about her body and what to expect.  She basically told my mother that now she thinks she is a woman and will start getting involved with men.  She therefore was not prepared on how to respond to the advances of a young man and she gave in to my father.  That hurt me,  because when I experienced my first menstrual flow at 11 years old, I did not receive any specific instructions as well about hormones or my new bodily feelings.  I love reading to find out the things I wanted information about so my mom bought me books instead of having that one on one conversation.

She has also shared with me that she did not love my father even though he wanted to marry her and take her away to England.  She declined and he supported me financially until I became 16 years old even though his family disowned me before I was born.  I therefore was raised with a single parent and she continuously told me not to do what she did.  I listened to her and I finished college first then had my daughter at 37.

My Daughter’s Birth Story

I made a decision at 18 years old that I needed to prepare myself to be a good mother.  At 29, I completed my graduate degree because I wanted to be able to financially take care of my future child/children.  During that period of time I was in a relationship that ended up lasting 9 years than it should have.  Did not know all I needed to know about relationships because I just basically aspired to doing the opposite of my mom and the females in my family who were not happy with their men.

After I ended that 9 year relationship I created a new aspiration to open myself to a positive relationship and the right man for me.  I went into a year of consecration to strengthen my spirit walk and confidence in myself as well as the role I play in intimate relationships.  Because of my pray during my consecration time, I did not have to question when my husband showed up.  He is my exact pray and I am his because as he has shared with me, he was tired of the type of relationships he kept attracting and prayed for something different.

Fast forward a little, we got married in 2009, I got pregnant in 2010 and our daughter was born in 2011 at a beautiful home water birth with the assistance of a midwife, doula and a neighbor to film and take pictures.  It was a wonderful experience.

In essence, I took my mom’s advice and I chose my husband and father of my daughter.  I tapped into my sacred creative womb power and decided how I wanted to conceive my daughter in wedlock and at home so she would have the best start as she entered this earth realm and not be disowned before she was born.

I invite you to share your birth story to encourage others or connect with me if you feel like you need further support.  Here is the link to our facebook group … Fertile Womb Lifestyle.

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