Are You Letting Your Relationships F.L.O.W.?

This morning the topic of the live recording in the group, “50 Days of Releasing and Letting Go”, was LETTING RELATIONSHIPS FLOW.  The part of the affirmation that really stuck with me was this part …

“I can let go, knowing that the relationship will find its own life–or not–and that I don’t have to do all the work, only my share”.

I stayed in a relationship for 9 years too long because I did not know how to let go until 2006.  I wanted to be an example for him to show him that certain choices reaped certain benefits.  He had no interest so I kept focusing on my goals and he focused on what he liked at the moment. Good news is, I eventually learned how to let go and since then, I have only been doing my share in relationships – my husband of 7 years now can attest to that.

I cannot want more for you than you want for yourself.  I use this approach in my personal life and with my coaching clients because, ultimately, I am a conduit, a wealth of resources, a facilitator for you to reach the other side but you have to do the work to get there.

I have been doing the work on a focused advanced level since 2005 and am here to support you as you do your own work.  Where do you feel stuck?

Get started here to release and let go to take charge of your life.


Cathyann Ellison is a Fertility Health & Wellness Coach who helps women to experience optimal health before, during and after pregnancy.  You can schedule your Healthy Womb Clarity Session to see how it could look to receive support on your Fertile Womb Lifestyle journey.

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