My Progesterone Is Low

My cycle has been short so I suspected that my progesterone was low. Now that I am in the 4th decade of my life and considered premenopausal I wanted to know my levels so I can implement strategies appropriate for me since what I did in my 30’s was not gonna work in my 40’s. Estrogen dominance was my issue then.  Some tweaking needs to happen.

So I did the at home saliva test and received my results by email within a week from the day I mailed them out. My progesterone came back as 72 and the range for my age is 75-270.  Low progesterone leads to miscarriage as the fertilized egg will not securely imbed into the uterine lining since it will not be plush and inviting.


Now, my first approach in correcting issues with my body is always food. Herbs are food and I use them to correct  imbalances in my body since our bodies recognise what mother nature provides.  Also the results are sustaining and not fleeting since it becomes a lifestyle instead of a fad.


I am starting my protocol with burdock root, vitex and red clover in my yoni steam and to drink as an infusion.


Do you know your hormone levels?  Is your menstrual cycle short, normal, long or just plain absent?


Well if you don’t know your levels and and your cycle does not fall into 28-30 days we can assist you with our Synchronize My Hormones Consultation.  Get more information here.


Have a wonderful day and keep flowing,

Cathyann 😊

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