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Pregnancy Empowerment Intensive Group Coaching Program

Space Available For 20 Women


SUNDAY February 11, 2018


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The Pregnancy Empowerment Intensive Group Coaching Program is a 4 hour intensive with 3 months of coaching support for 20 woman who are tired of going around in circles and ready to tap into their intuition to strongly reconnect with their womb and personal values.

These women are looking for a deep sense of confidence in the decisions they make about their diet and lifestyle before, during & after pregnancy.

They will involve themselves in planning out their Fertile Womb Lifestyle blueprint with goals customized just for them so they can experience the joy of flowing painlessly every month, consciously and holistically preparing for pregnancy and caring for her body while pregnant and after giving birth.

As a result of what we do, these women choose themselves first and show up fully when engaging with her family, with her friends and the rest of the world.

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