Reduce Your Exposure To Estrogen Disrupting Chemicals In Your Life

Hey there. Β I am sitting here and wondering what is the next best thing I can share with you to help you take your next best step to release and let go to heal your womb and holistically prepare for pregnancy. Β A few months ago, I created and ran an 7 Day Estrogen Cleanse Challenge.

This challenge contains easy to implement tips and strategies that I have been using since 2005 when I started seriously taking charge of my life to reset my body and prepare for pregnancy.

If you are tired of dealing with monthly heavy menstruation with pain or skin with adult acne, the information in this challenge be a wonderful asset on your Fertile Womb Lifestyle journey.

Click Here To Get Started And Take Charge of Your Fertile Womb Lifestyle

See you on the other side πŸ™‚

Also this article has some great information on “The Impact of Air Pollution on Fertility” by Jessica Drummond.


Cathyann Ellison is a Fertility Health & Wellness CoachΒ who helps women to experience optimal health before, during and after pregnancy. Β You canΒ schedule your Healthy Womb Clarity SessionΒ to see how it could look to receive support on your Fertile Womb Lifestyle journey.

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