Today I was reading an article entitled “Your mama, grandma and elder Black women are liars: 36 things every Black woman needs to hear right now to win!”

She shares a list of 36 things women need to know. I cover some of these things in my coaching program. Women take on a lot and sometimes live a life that someone else created for us instead of the one we were meant to live.

I was on that path until I decided to change my course and live for me and release what was not for me – a year of separation and consecration helped me to start taking care of me and saying no to things that were good but not good for me.

My body felt better and my womb health changed. In my research, one of the emotional reasons for fibroids is holding yourself and your dreams back to please someone else. The womb is our seat of creation, may it be a baby or dreams and when we do not allow our bodies to fully do what they were meant to do we are abusing them. We are not allowing the natural flow to occur.

I invite you ladies to release and let go all that is not yours. You deserve to live your ideal life, not someone else’s. I have created a training with a support group called “50 Days of Releasing and Letting Go”.  It will be transformational.  I look forward to supporting you there.


Cathyann Ellison is a Fertility Health & Wellness Coach who helps women to experience optimal health before, during and after pregnancy.  You can schedule your Healthy Womb Clarity Session to see how it could look to receive support on your Fertile Womb Lifestyle journey.

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