Determine your hormone, neurotransmitter levels or how your body is metabolizing estrogen and BPA which is found in soft plastic bottles and mimics estrogen. We use a noninvasive at home saliva, blood spot or dried urine tests that you will mail to the lab after collecting the specimen. You will then receive a follow up consultation via zoom video conference to review your lab tested results and provide you with recommendations to synchronize your hormones. When you purchase this package without speaking with us, we automatically send you the Estrogen Elite Test to assess how you are metabolizing estrogen and BPA. If you need help choosing another test that is appropriate for you …

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Please remember this is a one time consultation where you receive recommendations to follow through with on your own.  However if you feel you need additional coaching support to transform your health the Synchronize My Hormones Intensive will be perfect for you.  See more information here.


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