Synchronizing Hormones

As a young girl I was exposed to may things that led to the disruption of my endocrine system. I started menstruating at 11. It was not until a doctor told me that I would not have children and early menopause would be my fate that I started to research why he would say that then tell me I had polycystic ovaries.

In my search, I found out about estrogen dominance which connected to many of my symptoms. I started making the necessary changes in my life to decrease my exposure to the chemicals that messed with my hormones. I am happy to say I now have my daughter but the journey is ongoing because my body has changed in this decade of my life and now I have to teach my daughter so she can reduced her exposure as well.

This article shares why we now offer Synchronize My Hormones Consultation. If you want to know how your body is metabolizing estrogen and BPA ask your doctor to order a dried urine test or invest in the Fertile Womb Lifestyle Synchronize My Hormones Consultation.

We will send you out a kit so you can collect the specimen in the comfort of your home and mail it out to the lab. After we receive your results from the lab, we will schedule a time for us meet via zoom video conference to review and make recommendations just for you.

If you need clarity regarding if you should have other hormones tested as well, schedule a Synchronize My Hormones Clarity Session here.  I have opened 5 spots on my calendar.

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Cathyann Ellison is a Pregnancy Empowerment Coach who helps women to experience optimal health before, during and after pregnancy.  These women choose themselves first so they can show up and fully engage with their friends, family and the rest of the world.  I am looking for women who are ready to stop going in circles about their health are ready to influence the health of those they connect with along their health journey.  Join me on the inside 🙂

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