Simone Turner
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Dallas, TX

“Before I started working with Cathyann, I was experiencing a heavy flow during my cycle.  As someone who previously had surgery for fibroid removal, this concerned me because my moon cycle had been normal up until this point.  While working with Cathyann, I was able to gain a better understanding of how much my biological makeup connected with what I was experiencing with my flow.  As much as I thought I knew, I learned completely new information that I was able to easily implement as soon as my consultation ended and that transformed my self care practice.  Since my herbal consultation and Yoni Steam for Personal Care training with Cathyann, I am able to feel more at ease about being even more in control and aligned with my healing process.  My flow is back to normal and I love this new self care tool that I have added to my wellness resources to keep me balanced and therefore less likely to end up back on the surgery table again!”


Ann James
Speech and Language Pathologist, Atlanta, GA

“As my provider of womb wellness services, Cathyann has provided health coaching, yoni steam and herbal teas/infusions.  These services have been invaluable.  Based on my medical history and diagnosis from my health professional, I have prematurely commenced menopause.  However, a week after a yoni steam with Cathyann I experienced a normal cycle.  I had not had one in years.  Similarly, a day after drinking the last herbal tea that I purchased, I began to experience the effects of my body eliminating toxins and ridding itself of inflammation. I highly recommend Cathyann Greenidge-Ellison as a therapist, holistic health coach, and womb wellness practitioner, without reservation.  She is honest, humble, tactful, thoughtful and caring in her approach to all that she does.”


Emory E. Prescott
Speech and Language Pathologist, Sylva, NC

My YONI STEAM experience with Cathyann was completely uplifting!  I felt indulged with her tender therapeutic touch that resonated of BALANCE and FEMININITY.  The RELAXING WOMB MASSAGE comforted me by moving blocked lower abdominal tissue, then the simulating BENTONITE CLAY DETOX WRAP with heat and blankets covered me in warmth and softness.  Mmm.  A CRYSTAL LAYOUT over my womb elicited vivid active dreaming and referring sensations of grounding through my feet.

For the seated position 30 minute YONI VAGINAL STEAM she covered me in a beautiful native garment tuned with the sacral chakra, and I felt a mesmerizing cleansing wafting of “tea” steaming upwards through me, and a simultaneous release of stagnant energy and toxins.

The session ended with a take home tea to drink over the next few hours as well as a beautiful hand-crafted belly bead to continue the process.

Cathyann’s professional session blends elements of beauty, culture, and purity into a sweet gentle nurturing treatment session.  The complexity of the process is delivered in a simple harmonious way.  Such a treat for any woman! I am filled with gratitude”


Dr. Sheveland Beard, DPT
Physical Therapist, Atlanta, GA

“Cathyann offers an extensive amounts of services in which I was fortunate enough to partake in. I was frustrated about the possibilities of another myomectomy and her holistic recommendations calmed my fears and increased my awareness about things going on in my body.  The Vegan cooking class not only increased my love of food, but increased my awareness of what I was putting into my body and helped transition some meals to meatless meals that helped decrease menstrual cramps.  The last service received  from Cathyann was a yoni steam with tea to drink after the process.  Not only was the process beautiful, but the yoni steam helped detox my uterus and evoke positive energy in my womb.  Because of the services mentioned, I am excited about the new found awareness of my body and possibility of having kids.”


Kayla Lawhorn
Certified Nursing Assistant, Toccoa, GA

I thoroughly enjoyed my Yoni Steam by Cathyann Ellison. She was very professional and described in-depth everything I should know about the Yoni Steam.  The feeling was amazing and I felt very comfortable the entire session.  I would definitely get another one.  I highly recommend Cathyann to anybody.  She is wonderful and knowledgeable in what she does.”